Yes, you have the Controls!
Come enjoy your first flight with one of our exerienced flight instructors.

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Basic course:
After an introduction to pre-flight inspections and basic flight maneuvers, you fly an actual airplane with an instructor.
1 hour 30 min.
  • San Jose North area
  • San Jose South area

Half-day course:
For those who want a bigger challenge!
4 hours 2 hours
  • San Francisco bay flight
  • Monterey bay flight

One-day course:
How about a some real navigation?
6 hours 3 hours
  • Napa airport routing
  • Monterey airport routing
  • Sierra mountain routing

We can also accomodate custom requests. Feel free to contact us about the area you want to fly, the kind of flight operation such as VFR/IFR, etc.