A Flight Instructor certificate is required to conduct both flight and ground instruction. A CFI can teach private and commercial pilot applicants. First, CFI applicants learn fundamentals of instruction and then proceed to flight and ground lessons. Objective of this course is to obtain knowledge, skill, and teaching ability. Course applicant must hold a Commercial Pilot certificate, Airplane Single Engine Land and Instrument Rating. A CFI Instrument Rating is required to conduct both flight and ground instruction for Instrument Rating applicants. The objective of this course is to develop instrument pilot proficiency as well as teaching ability. This experience will help while you teach VFR students. Course applicant must hold a Flight Instructor certificate.
Flight (Dual instruction)
Basic Attitude Instrument Flight, Maneuvers, Recovery from unusual attitude, Flights related to navigation systems (VOR, ADF, DME, LOC), Departure Procedures, Enroute procedures (Holding, DME arc), Instrument approach procedures (ILS, LOC, VOR, NDB), Missed approach procedure, Emergency procedure
Review for IFR operation, FAR
Planning instructional activity
FAA Knowledge test
Aeronautical knowledge

Oral and Flight check
FAA Practical test
CFI Instrument Rating