Aparna has worked at a computer software company as an engineer. She always wanted to fly airplanes since she moved to California from India. She completed the Private Pilot training and became a Private Pilot. However she had to leave for Japan on a business trip next morning. I hope she had a wonderful time in our home country!

First Solo Flight: December 23, 2001
Private Pilot Certified on September 30, 2002

1) How do you become interested in flying?

Flying an airplane has been my childhood dream. I have had this dream since I was six years old!

2) How did you select the school?

Air-Accord Personnel are very thorough in their air-craft maintenance process. This school has the track record for being one of the safest schools in the bay area. Air-Accord instructors are experienced and work full time . All these factors and the freindly atmosphere at Air-Accord made it easy for me to choose this school..

3) Objectives?

My initial objective was to get a private-pilot certificate. The next step is to find out what it feels like to fly a complex airplane!.

4) What did you enjoy the most during training?

I enjoyed my StageII classes the most during which I did my X-C flights and night time flying!
My happiest moment in all of my training was when I completed my first X-C solo to King City!!.

5) Evaluation.

I made the right choice by joining Air-Accord for my flight training. My flight instructor Mr. Ryu Narisuwa kept me motivated and was flexible with our schedules..

6) Suggestion.

-Include a link to your homepage for students/renters to reserve instructor&/airplane on-line